COVID-19 Policy

Dear Patients,

In light of the current situation regarding the coronavirus, our office has taken many steps to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff. Please see these steps below:

-Our Suites 302 and 301 are equipped with not one but two HEPA filters along with other air cleaners.
-In addition, our Suites have the capability of opening windows for air circulation in the suites.
-Clinical operatories are additionally sealed off to prevent aerosol drift during polishing of teeth 
prior to braces placement 
-All Staff are required to additionally wear surgical gowns during these polishing procedures in the sealed rooms
-All Staff including Drs have their temperatures checked in the morning and after lunch
-All Staff including Drs are required to wear protective masks (N95 type or high level III masks) at all times
-All Staff also have Facial Visors available as an additional precaution to their masks
-All Staff, of course, maintain social distancing between themselves, and with patients as much as possible and wash their hands between patients avoiding contact with their face
-All Staff eat lunch at social distances where lunches are staggered away from each other
-New, robust plexiglass has been permanently installed at the front desk to distance, effectively, the receptionist from all patients
-Parents of patients are encouraged to wait outside the office in the grassy courtyard or in their cars.
There is a Starbucks immediately below our suite (along with a take-out Keg and Pi Co. for customized pizza)
-All Patients are required to maintain social distancing if they insist on sitting in the reception with large, clearly delineated orange dot markers to guide their seating
-All Patients are asked in writing prior to entry into the clinic about their health including temperature, cough, fatigue, recent travel and if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 along with other questions. This form is signed by the patient, parent or guardian
prior to entry
-All Patients are encouraged to wear masks while inside the office, use the readily available and visible hand sanitizers and to gloves as well
-Orthodontic appointment times are kept to a minimum to further address any possible issues